How to Get Free Backlinks?

How to Get Free Backlinks? - 

We all are finding backlinks for our site or blog. we can get easily backlinks but we need to find the way. the way we need to know about how to search for backlinks. you need to search that thing which we use common for backlinks lists.

How to Get Free Backlinks?

Like we use "Backlinks list",  "free comments site" "Free instant approval sites", "do follow backlinks sites" "no follow backlinks" etc.

if you are searching like this to find backlinks you will deffinately get good backlinks, also you will get good lists with quantity of backlinks.

the reason to get backlinks with these searches are  - some time we collect backlinks and then we try to index them. poeple are using commonly today this idea to index. people work on backlinks than collect and put in blogger to index.

so if we can find that links than it's easy for always to get backlinks lists easily.

you will find backlinks like i am using this to index. you can stole that links from other blogs

here is the list of backlinks -